Selling Sunset Celebrity Connected to SHS


Emma Hernan’s 2008 yearbook photo and graduation quote

SHS sophomore Sam Brown shares an interesting connection to the reality TV star Emma Hernan: She was his babysitter! Originally from Scituate and a member of the 2008 SHS graduating class, Hernan stars in “Selling Sunset,” which is in its fifth season on Netflix. 

According to Brown, Hernan started babysitting him when he was around five years old. She continued to babysit him for the next three years while she was in high school. Occasionally, Brown and Hernan still communicate. In fact, Hernan recently sent the Brown family some of her famous Emma Leigh & Co. vegan empanadas, which are available at Shaw’s in Cohasset. Brown commented, “They were delicious.”

Surprisingly, Brown hasn’t watched “Selling Sunset”; however, one of his best friends, SHS sophomore Michael Porter, is a huge fan of the show. When asked about his reaction to learning Scituate native Emma Hernan was on the show, he said, “Holy moly–I was shocked!”