“No One” Can Compete with the “Halo” Shining Over Addison Loverin After the Debut of her Credo Project

Hannah Bates and Jessica Presutti

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All Scituate High School juniors must complete The Personal Credo Project assignment as a part of their “Language of Nature” English unit. The project involves choosing an activity that the student has always wanted to learn or do and practice the skill for 30 consecutive days. The objective is to learn or improve a skill and then to share the experience with the class.

Junior Addison Loverin chose to record a few songs, which were then played as the bell song for two days. (The bell song is played while students are passing during the last minute students have to get to class.)  Loverin, who had not performed publicly in years, fell in love with singing from a young age and thought this project was the perfect opportunity to “gain more confidence in singing publically again.”  Loverin said she had more confidence performing when she was younger, but as high school progressed she lost this confidence.

Previously, Loverin performed in front of her peers in elementary and middle school. She performed at every Open Mic Night at Gates. Loverin’s mother said her daughter “usually sang more than one song — really, as many as Mrs. Davis would allow.” Loverin also had the opportunity to sing at her aunt’s wedding during the ceremony and during the National Junior Honor Society induction.

Loverin’s mom was very excited when she selected this credo project.  Mrs. Loverin helped her daughter decide to pick this one. While the two of them brainstormed, Loverin mentioned singing and her mom encouraged her to choose that because “she hasn’t had the opportunity to sing in public in a while and I knew how much she would enjoy it.”  

Loverin’s interest in music started from her family’s history of musical talent.  Mrs. Loverin explained how Addison is not the only member in the family to have been musically blessed.  She and her brothers can each play several instruments. Mrs. Loverin said, “Regardless of what form it comes out in, everyone in our family has been blessed with rhythm.”  In addition, Loverin’s great-grandfather was a violinist in the New York Symphony Orchestra.

Since Loverin’s renditions of “No One,” by Alicia Keys, and “Halo,” by Beyonce, have been played for the entirety of Scituate High School, she has received positive feedback from her peers.  When asked why she chose these particular songs, Loverin stated, “I think they were songs that fit well with my voice.”

Loverin succeeded in her goal and did gain more confidence.  Regarding the completion of her daughter’s project, Mrs. Loverin stated, “I’m really proud of her. At an age when doing something, you’re nervous about in front of your peers can be debilitating–she rose to the challenge and did it anyway!”


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