Grace Goode

Grace Goode, Staff Writer

This school year may look different due to new rules and a lot of adjusting to do, but Junior Grace Goode (she/her) is focused and ready to take on the school year and Honors Journalism! She is a helpful, smart, and considerate student that is interested in just about anything and everything in school! English, history, math, Spanish, you name it! She has been a dedicated member of Model-UN and debate and will continue to pursue these commitments this year. 

Goode started her journalism career in Into to Journalism years prior. But she is now looking to enhance her writing skills and take it to the next level. She hopes to be a part of the video team next year and be a part of the annual TV Show. She is going to exceed the expectations this year and show off her writing skills to earn her a spot in that position. 

Goode’s plans for post-high school are very exciting! Fittingly enough, she aspires to go to law school or to go into finance. Goode has a love for debate and current events which is why she is interested in law school. She also would love to travel after high school. Goode’s “claim to fame” is that she traveled to France and had the opportunity to tour Notre-Dame Cathedral the day before it burned down. Her unique experiences are going to kick off her writing for The Scituation this year.

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Grace Goode