Mental Health Days are a Necessity

Mental health days are an absolute necessity, and the students of Scituate High School want these days to be excused. Many students feel overwhelmed with classes, and they often need a day to debrief. Physical and mental health could be argued to be of the same importance, and it is arbitrary that only physical health is prioritized. 

When asked about their thoughts on mental health days, several SHS students shared their perspectives: Sophomore James Sullivan feels having a mental health day would “give [his] brain a break and help [him] feel refreshed for the next day and more ready to learn.” Sulllivan said he would spend this excused absence catching up on school work and just relaxing. Sophomore Lily Sylvester and junior Grace Dousa rated their stress level going to school every day as an 8 on a scale of 10.  Dousa said she would use her mental health day to “calm down and gain back some sleep.” Sylvester commented that she feels “extremely stressed because when [she] takes a mental health day and the absence is unexcused, [she] worries about [her] attendance and falling behind.” 

Students at SHS are overworked and tired. Students need to have days when they can debrief and take time to gather themselves. In health class, students learn about prioritizing their mental health. However, the school needs to implement new guidelines to better students’ mental health.