Scituate Students Raise Money for Harvey Victims

Hannah Bates and Hannah Morel

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The Raffle for Relief  was organized by Scituate High School’s Community Service Learning class. The raffle raised money for a school in Spring, Texas, which was damaged by Hurricane Harvey earlier this school year.

The group had been fundraising around Scituate at R & C Farms, The Village Market, Scituate High School, and Gates Intermediate School. Each location offered their support for the cause. Senior Lily Belsan, who was one of the students in charge of the project, said their goal was to raise $1,000. “Eventually, we’ll be sending that to Texas,” she said.

Fundraising ended on Sunday, December 18th. Any donation amount was graciously accepted as the fundraisers’ greatest concern was the wellness of those affected by the hurricane.

Working hard over the past few weeks, these Scituate High School students wanted to make the lives of others who are living 2,000 miles away a little brighter this holiday season.

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Scituate Students Raise Money for Harvey Victims