Turkey Day Traditions at SHS

Keillan Doyle, Intro to Journalism Writer

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November is here, and with it comes Thanksgiving.  Throughout America, people are preparing for a variety of annual customs and get-togethers.  Within the Scituate High School community, students and teachers are doing the same, and many are excited for Turkey Day.

According to math teacher Phillip Blake,  the high school held “Splash Day,” last year on the day before Thanksgiving break.  During this day, all teachers were allowed to teach anything they wanted and students attended classes to learn different things normally not taught in a conventional high school.  On “Splash Day,” Blake taught how to solve a Rubik’s Cube to his students.  The day was well received by teachers and students, but Blake’s unsure whether or not there will be a possible installment this year.

In addition to “Splash Day,” he holds a Blake family bocce ball tournament.  Teams of two are randomly chosen and a playoff bracket is created.  “If you’re on grandma’s team it gets very intense,” Blake commented.  After the game, the family joins together to enjoy a bacon stuffed turkey, which Blake highly recommends to anyone.

Nurse Ellen Claflin described her Thanksgiving traditions as “simple” and “nothing special,” but she enjoys the time she gets to spend with her family.  Much like many Americans, Claflin watches a bit of football,  often going to the Scituate Sailors Thanksgiving game.  After the game, “[She goes] to to [her] parents for a dinner.”  

Many members of the Scituate High School community travel over the break including gym teacher, William Seward.  Every Thanksgiving, Seward, along with his wife, children, three siblings, and their respective families, join together for a family reunion.  His large family consists of 11 children, including his own kids, and during Thanksgiving dinner all of the kids go around and express what they’re thankful for.

Students at Scituate High School have also been getting ready for Turkey Day, many having holiday traditions of their own.  During Thanksgiving, freshman Maggie Ayers’ family wears turkey hats around the Thanksgiving table while eating their meal.  Freshman Avery Browne found this tradition to be very interesting, but she also held a tradition of her own.  “I have two Thanksgivings every year, ‘friendsgiving,’ with my friends and a regular Thanksgiving with my family,” Browne explained.

This year, while spending time with family and friends, the students and teachers at Scituate High School will surely uphold their current traditions or possibly create new traditions for the coming years.

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Turkey Day Traditions at SHS