Best Buddies Promotes Inclusivity and School Spirit

Best Buddies will host upcoming holiday events


Sarah Spires, Staff Writer

Best Buddies is an international organization that promotes an inclusive and compassionate environment by embracing differences to create a connected student body with meaningful friendships. Best Buddies is sponsored by the Scituate Community of Resources for Special Education (CORSE) Foundation. The CORSE Foundation implemented the Best Buddies programs at both Gates Middle School and Scituate High School. Many members of the club have been participating in Best Buddies since the 6th grade.

This year, Best Buddies president, SHS senior Molly Ryan, and vice presidents, seniors Danny Lumnah and Piper Lewis, are working to expand the club and create greater school involvement. The club officers lead the program through various trainings, after-school activities, and field trips to continue exercising inclusive values. Lewis said, “Best Buddies aims to stretch students out of their typical friend groups and bring people together.” 

Recently, Best Buddies traveled to Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in Kingston, MA, for their November activity and were featured during the opening ceremonies at the Thanksgiving football game in Scituate. In October, they hosted a Halloween party to promote camaraderie and build friendships at the start of the year.

This Friday, December 1st, during H block, club members will gather to color and play board games in the SHS cafeteria. Additionally, on Thursday, December 15th, Best Buddies will host their holiday party featuring gingerbread cookie decorating from Ginger Betty’s decorating kits. Members will decorate gingerbread houses and people while playing games and enjoying the holiday spirit.

Next month, Best Buddies will be traveling to Boston Bowl. Lewis explained that during after-school events, students work together to “create a caring and cooperative environment where we all support each other.” While the club is at full capacity this year with 96 members, new members are welcome to sign up at the beginning of September 2023.

Underclassmen officers juniors Isabelle McKinnon and Kelsea Lee and sophomore Cici Griffin plan to continue with broadening involvement for Best Buddies town wide. Senior officers Ryan, Lewis, and Lumnah will graduate in the spring and hope to see even more enthusiasm and energy in the club. Lumnah explained, “Molly, Piper, and I are working hard to regain the participation the club had before the pandemic, and we also have three non-senior officers that hopefully will carry on our mission.” 

The pandemic took a toll on club participation as students were divided by their cohorts. However, this year, the unity couldn’t be stronger. 

For more information about Best Buddies visit the club’s Instagram @sps_best_buddies or visit the Best Buddies website: