Senior Sleigh Ride Spotlights Shane Connolly

Known for his great sense of humor, Shane aspires to be a criminal lawyer


Mary Stevenson

Shane Connolly brings a great sense of humor to the senior class

Savana Garabedian, Scituation Club Writer

Known as one of the funniest students in the graduating class, Shane Connolly is the next student to join this year’s Senior Sleigh Ride. Reminiscing on past grades, Shane’s favorite year at SHS was his freshman year, because it was his only full year of a “normal” high school experience.

Shane is a member of the National Honor Society, and one of his favorite classes at SHS was Latin for its good mix of history and language. One of Shane’s favorite memories at SHS is from his freshman year when he won an award for personal insight. He favors this moment because all of his hard work was acknowledged. After making it through the extended period of remote learning, Shane considers this his greatest accomplishment.

Thinking about his favorite high school teachers, Connolly narrowed the list down to five: Mr. Ford and Mr. Shindler for how they talk to their students, Mrs. Hall for her fun classes, Ms. Emerson for her unique point of view, and Mr. Parkins for how he helps students understand what they want and what they need to know. 

In his free time, Shane enjoys playing his favorite video game, Lego Star Wars. Describing himself as “elite” at this game, he thinks Han Solo is a very “cool” character. When asked about plans for the future, Shane responded that college and law school came to mind. Though Shane doesn’t know where exactly yet, he knows he wants to go to law school for criminal justice to become the Han Solo of criminal law.

After thinking about how he wants to be remembered by his classmates, Shane commented that he would like to be thought of as friends with everyone and always being engaged in class–even though he claims he “never does his homework.” 

When asked who he would like to bring on the Senior Sleigh Ride, Shane said he would bring Mr. Maguire “to see the birds.”