SHS Community Staple, George Haddad Retires


Ethan Blanks, Staff Writer

It’s never easy to say goodbye, especially to the likes of George Haddad, an SHS community staple. Teaching in Scituate since 1998, Haddad arrived at SHS when Bill Clinton was president and Tom Brady was a college student. Through all the changes over the years, however, Haddad’s goal as a foreign language teacher stayed the same: teach students lessons that will extend beyond the classroom.   

Although most of his French and Spanish students have not experienced foreign immersion, Haddad sparked their curiosity regarding international travel while sharing stories about his own experiences–including his time living in Lebanon during their civil war. 

Retiring is a huge step, and Haddad says he will miss his students and colleagues as well as the “environment of academia” at SHS.  Haddad noted that he always cherished receiving college recommendation requests from his students: “This is their future, and they want and trust you to write the letter for them,” he said.   

Haddad is also known for clocking long office hours after school so none of his students fall behind or fail. “He was always willing to check-in if any student needed help,” stated SHS junior Brett Dupont, who took Honors French III with Haddad during his sophomore year.  

As for the future, Haddad plans to travel as soon as COVID regulations begin to cool down. While putting these plans on pause, he will continue to work at his family’s restaurant, Haddad’s Ocean Cafe in Marshfield. (Haddad has always worked two jobs, so he is very confident he can keep himself busy.)  

Haddad’s positive influence continues to stick with his students long after high school. SHS graduate Rachel Rodriguez said she learned ”that effort is a key to success” while staying after school with Haddad to prepare for her exams.  Rodriguez and her friends not only appreciated the extra help, but they also knew Haddad’s classroom was a safe space to hang out after school, saying, there were “lots of laughs and good times with him.” 

Undoubtedly, anyone who had the privilege of being one of Mr. Haddad’s students will want to say thank you for the continued support and leadership he provided over the years. Junior Michael Lengen said it best: “Thank you for caring for each and every one of your students in and out of the classroom.” 

Time will keep moving forward at Scituate High. In September, new classes will begin, freshmen will get their first taste of high school, seniors will prepare for their future, and the life lessons taught by Mr.Haddad will continue to resonate within the community.  His work as a mentor and teacher will be felt for years to come.