Graduation is Twice as Nice for Nine SHS Families


Clay Belmarsh, Staff Writer

During this year’s graduation, members of the Huggins, Moore, Dupre, Wilcox, Sturdy, Yonce, Wilkerson, Glennon, and Seghezzi families have twice as much to celebrate: all of these families have twin siblings graduating. In fact, with nine sets of twins in total, the Class of 2021 is unusually populated with multiples. 

Of course, these siblings have attended school together throughout their education, but for some, this common denominator will come to an end in the fall. For example, Lilly and Natalie Moore will be attending colleges in different regions of the country: Lilly will earn her degree from the Purdue University College of Pharmacy in West Lafayette, Indiana, while Natalie plans to study mathematics at Northeastern University in Boston. Will and Liv Seghezzi are also taking separate routes, as Will plans to attend UMass Amherst, and Liv will study nursing at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.

Although high school years can be challenging, many graduating twins said they have benefitted from having someone to lean on. Abbey Wilcox emphasized how having a twin has “affected her positively” because her brother helped her with several classes–especially when they took the same courses. According to SHS English teacher Paul Scavotto, who taught several twins from this year’s graduating class, most recently Liam and Marina Glennon, there is a “quiet confidence that each twin shows in different ways,” which is especially noticeable when they are in class together. 

SHS science teacher Jennifer Last got a triple dose of twinning, as her home base boasted three sets of twins: the Wilkerson, Wilcox, and Yonce siblings have been together for four years in her home base: “Having three sets of twins in my home base has been fascinating to observe as a biology teacher. Each one has their own personality and uniqueness. The bonds they share are unexplainable–although rooted in their DNA–but you can feel the connections or “Twintuition” that they share,” she explained.