Clay Belmarsh

Clay Belmarsh, Business Manager/ Staff Writer

A veteran of The Scituation writing staff, Clay Belmarsh, is taking on the role of business manager for the upcoming school year.  The SHS senior decided to continue his journalistic career as a result of the “blast” he had last year while on the writing staff. Additionally, he enjoys being able to voice his opinions without the added pressure of facing a crowd. Belmarsh started his SHS journalistic career as a student in the Intro to Journalism class, and through his interesting writing style, he has garnered respect on the Scituation roster. 

In addition to journalism, Belmarsh is a long-running player on the varsity basketball team and a dedicated member of the DECA business program here at SHS. Belmarsh favors English and business classes and has been named to the SHS honor roll. This year, Belmarsh hopes to complete a stress-free and successful college application process with the goal of attending a college where he can prosper. Even with these scholarly achievements and ambitions, Belmarsh is known for his funny, social, and ambitious character in the SHS community--never failing to make any classroom have a good laugh.  

Belmarsh is hoping to explore serious stories in The Scituation this year, including stories involving politics and pressing world matters. No matter what story Belmarsh pursues, readers can expect a well-written, interesting piece. 

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Clay Belmarsh