Scituate’s Beloved Coffee Shop Opens a 3rd Location

Lucky Finn opens a new shop on the Driftway


Grace Dousa, Ciara Callanan, and Jane McGuiggin

Lucky Finn–a coffee and sandwich shop that originated in Scituate Harbor–has had a lucky year. Expanding the business into the new Merchant’s Row in Hanover, MA, last October, they’ve now opened a second Scituate location at the Driftway General Store. A seaside cafe known for its delicious lattes and breakfast sandwiches, Lucky Finn is becoming a staple of the South Shore.

With the opening of the second Scituate store, the questions of competition between the two locations, what the new store will be like, and how it will run compared to the Hanover and Harbor locations arise.

Colin Carlton, manager of the Driftway General Store Lucky Finn, explained that business-wise, it was “slow to begin” and became “rapidly busier” as time passed. Employees are being shared with the Harbor location, creating a unique mix of the Hanover location’s menu and local Scituate staff. He stated that “the attitude of employees and the positive environment comes from the harbor location, and the food quality carries over from Hanover,” making it a perfect combination of both locations.

Carlton added that the Driftway location geographically is “great, bringing in people entering and leaving town.” It’s in a heavily traveled area, especially with the new gas station and convenience store located right next door. Carlton expressed his excitement for the spring and summer months, as people will be launching their boats in at the nearby Herring River Marina. Ongoing construction nearby should also draw in customers. Carlton foresees the new location as “very busy in the upcoming months.” Although the Driftway Dunkin and Gunther Tooties are both in close proximity, Carlton is not phased by the competition, saying they are “very different” regarding their attributes and services.

Although the new Lucky Finn location lacks the ocean-side seating present in the Harbor, there has been extremely positive feedback from customers. When asked for their reactions, customers stated, “I am so excited it is open–it’s a life-changing operation,” and, “I’ve gone to the other two locations as well, but I like this one the best.”

Lucky Finn’s newest location has not taken business away from the original location. Easily accessible to Harbor shoppers, and with more attention being brought to the name, business is still booming down at the Harbor. The overwhelming public support allows the soft opening of the Driftway location to be a huge success and an easy transition into their expected daily hours.

Stop by any location to experience the cheerful staff and excellent menu Lucky Finn offers!