Best Slice In Town: Scituate Pizza Showdown

Henry Gates and Clay Belmarsh

If someone from another town came to Scituate and asked you to show them the best pizza around, where would you take them? There are so many options and differing opinions on the best pizza in town, so we decided it was necessary to settle this debate. The Scituation staff narrowed the options down to the top four places in Scituate: Cosmos, Maria’s, Harbor House, and CP’s. 

The first place we visited was Cosmos Cafe in North Scituate. Cosmos is a popular food spot among Scituate residents. We ordered a slice of pizza, which was above average in size–always a good thing. It had a thick crust that had a good compromise of crunch and dough. The cheese was melted, and the tomato sauce had a certain sweet tang to it. This slice was also very greasy, and we could feel our arteries close up a little more by the end of the slice. At the end of the meal, the Cosmos slice was rated a 5.9 out of 10.

Next up was Harbor House of Pizza on Front Street. Harbor House employs several SHS students, including seniors Connor Smith, Michael Sheskey, and Billy Bernier, all of whom make and deliver pizzas. 

Sheskey, who predominantly makes pizzas for Harbor House, detailed how he goes about constructing the pie. He jokingly stated, “Making a good pizza is an art–it is my favorite thing to do when I am working.” Additionally, Sheskey explained how “there is nothing better than watching someone enjoy something you made–in my case, a pizza.”

Harbor House’s pizza slice looked, smelled, and tasted delicious. It had a crispy crust, very tasty cheese, and a balanced tomato sauce that made every bite savory. This piece initially took our top spot for the best pizza in town. SHS students agree with senior Sean Seymour, expressing that “out of all the pizzas in Scituate, [Harbor House] is by far my favorite.” Seymour described how even though he lives near Minot, the longer ride to Harbor House is “definitely worth it.” The Scituation staff rated the slice a 7.6 out of 10. If you visit Harbor House of Pizza, make sure to give Smith, Sheskey, or Bernier a good tip!

Our next stop was Maria’s, located in Scituate Harbor. Known for its cold sub sandwiches, Maria’s still dishes out pizzas. The first thing we noticed about the slice was that it was considerably smaller than the others. After the first bite, the slice proved to have a lukewarm temperature and did not hold its shape well. Although the sauce tasted sweet and the small crust had a nice crunch to it, we overall did not enjoy this slice as much as the others and rated it a 3.3. This rating, however, remains independent from the subs that Maria’s makes.

The last pizza place we visited was CP’s on the Driftway. We ordered a whole pie from CP’s because investigative journalism works up your appetite sometimes. Like Harbor House, CP’s is a popular place for high school students to work. Senior Will Kimball has been employed by CP’s since the beginning of the summer. Kimball emphasized the effort CP’s employees put into creating their pizzas. He explained how “it helps to work somewhere for a long time when you get to enjoy pizza while you’re working.” The pizza was great and smelled like heaven. There was a little flop when holding it, but the crust was crispy enough along with a good amount of dough texture. This pizza was above average, yet it did not quite beat Harbor House in our opinion, rating it a 6.4.

At the end of the day, The Scituation staff has come to the conclusion that Harbor House of Pizza serves the best slice in town. If this review doesn’t convince you, however, then we encourage you to go try the slices for yourself–because who doesn’t love eating pizza?