(Annie)body want to go see “Annie”?

Henry McKain and Caroline Quinn

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What a show! Annie, the hit Broadway musical and classic 1982 movie, was brought to life in Boston’s Wang Theatre on Wednesday, May 10th. As high school student journalists, we had the unique opportunity to join the audience while enjoying premier seating in the orchestra section.  The packed house, which was represented by all ages, was impressed by the performance, as the energy of the cast was infectious.

The cast of Annie included individuals who were talented in both acting and singing. Even the elementary school-aged orphan girls were able to project their high-pitched voices to be heard in the back of the theater. The young actress who portrayed Annie was nothing short of phenomenal. Her voice was beautiful, and she nailed her lines. Annie’s spectacular talent brought the audience to their feet. When President Roosevelt, one of our favorite characters, made an appearance, the audience was given a bit of comic relief, which added to the play’s playful atmosphere.  

We enjoyed watching the actors sing, dance, and act their hearts out. Annie was a masterpiece, and people who see the show will surely want an encore. If you are looking for a great family theater event, Annie is running in Boston through Sunday, May 21st. Evening performances begin at 7:00 p.m. through Saturday. Sunday’s evening performance begins at 6:00 p.m. Matinee performances are offered on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets start at $54.

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(Annie)body want to go see “Annie”?