Jayson Tatum’s Record-Breaking Game 7 in the Second Round vs Philadelphia 76ers


It all came down to this: Game seven. A win or go-home matchup between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics. This series was back in the fourth battle between the two teams. The 76ers had a chance to close out the series at home in game six but fell short after Jayson Tatum exploded in the 4th quarter. In game six, Tatum had only three points in the first 43 minutes, but that soon changed as he went for 16 points in the fourth quarter to lead the Celtics past the 76ers in the grittiest win of the series. Tatum struggled to lead the team the whole series but pulled through in game six. 

Previously, the scoring record was held by Steph Curry, who put up 50 points against the Sacramento Kings, who achieved this feat only a short two weeks ago. Before Curry, Kevin Durant held the record at 48 for multiple years; however, they have all been beaten out by almighty J Baby. Tatum was on another level on Sunday afternoon. Struggling during the playoffs, Tatum had something to prove in game seven of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Tatum came out the gates hot, putting up 25 points in the first half and finishing with 51 to lead the Celtics to another Eastern Conference Finals in a 112-88 victory. Embiid said it best, “It’s not a rivalry. They kick our a**.”

Much of this performance can be credited to Jayson Tatum’s biggest (little) supporter, his five-year-old son, Deuce, who attends every game, no matter where it is or how late. You can usually see Deuce dancing courtside as his father makes other grown men look like children. (He has also been asleep while the Celtics blew a team out.)

Now, the Celtics face off against the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals for the second year in a row. Jimmy Butler, the superstar for the Heat, will provide a good battle against the Boston Celtics. Last year in the Eastern Conference, the Celtics battled the Heat in a fiery series that went to game seven. The Celtics pulled out on top, but now the Heat will seek revenge. With Tatum’s fiery game seven, the momentum is rolling in the Celtics’ favor. Boston will be bleeding green.