Men’s Volleyball Club Team Plays its First Game


William Larson

Senior Matthew Dunn helped establish a new men’s volleyball program at SHS

Matthew Minich, Staff Writer

Scituate High School offers a variety of sports options to students, including football, tennis, golf, track, and even ultimate frisbee. But freshman Caleb Foley thought one sport was missing: men’s volleyball. So Foley decided to do something about it. “Volleyball is a sport I always enjoyed, and I was disappointed it wasn’t offered at SHS,” said Foley. “So I decided to take things into my own hands.” Foley coordinated with Athletic Director Scott Paine and the athletic department to make his dream a reality. Thanks to his determination and hard work, the Scituate Sailors men’s volleyball team was formed. 

Coordinating with the athletic department and MIAA was not the only hurdle Foley had to overcome. Another challenge was recruiting. Starting any new team is a struggle, especially somewhere with little history or culture surrounding the sport. , Nevertheless, Foley and his inaugural teammates were determined:

“We recruited like crazy,” senior Matthew Dunn commented, adding, “I just wanted to rip some volleyball.” The men were successful in their recruiting efforts, bringing together over 13 athletes from all four grades currently at the high school. In addition to player recruitment, Foley brought on Jenkins Elementary School teacher and experienced coach John Nyberg to guide the players.

The men’s volleyball club team had their inaugural game on Thursday, April 6th, against Randolph High School. Unfortunately, the Sailors were unable to pull through, but the young team was not deterred: 

“The game was as good of a first game as possible. We’re definitely a young inexperienced team, but it’s really great to get out and have some actual competition,” commented Dunn. The team remains strong behind their young, determined leader and looks forward to their future competition.

“I love [Foley], and I love volleyball,” said Dunn. “We can definitely win a set and hopefully a game by the end of the season if we keep working hard and keep our heads up.” Foley is looking forward to the rest of the season, too: “The rest of the season should go well, we have a bunch of kids who are really dedicated and ready to put in the work to be better.”

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