Linnell Brothers Dominate the Slopes  


Courtesy of Linnell Family

The Linnell brothers have been skiing since they were young children

Savana Garabedian and Bailey Young

SHS sophomore Jake Linnell and his younger brother, freshman Tyler Linnell, both made an outstanding contribution to this year’s ski team. Finding enjoyment in the sport since they were three years old, Jake and Tyler approached this year’s ski season with enthusiasm. Since their family owns a ski house in Vermont, they both started skiing on the Quechee Mountain Ski Team at the age of eight years old. Experience on a ski team before entering high school set them up for success, and SHS ski team coach Ross Maki remarked that he “expected them to excel” throughout this ski season.

Maki, who has been coaching the ski team for over 13 years, explained that typically only upperclassmen make it to States. This year, it was a pleasant surprise when not one but two underclassmen qualified. The Linnell brothers’ impressive energy on and off the slopes remained consistent, as Maki noted that despite problematic snow conditions, they were pushed toward greatness through “brotherly competition” and their “respect toward one another.” 

Jake and Tyler’s mother, Amy Linnell, expressed her gratitude toward the opportunities SHS provides to the ski team. She enjoys watching her sons grow as skiers, and although the brothers possess different areas of expertise, Linnell remains equally proud of them both. Knowing the boys can ski any mountain with immense skill, she loves skiing as a family. She also acknowledged that Jake and Tyler’s drive to succeed and take charge of their team has helped them develop respect for each other on and off the slopes. 

While skiing is not the boys’ favorite sport, they claim it is in their “top 3.” According to Jake, it is “fun to go fast, ski with your friends, and have a blast.” Beyond their commitment to the SHS ski team, during the winter season, both brothers work hard on the weekends, as they travel to Quechee, VT, for Tyler to train and for Jake to work as a ski instructor.

Jake and Tyler see skiing in their future, as they continue to shred the slopes at Big Blue on their path to victory.