SHS Boys Hockey Season Update


Matt Seghezzi and Peter Cappadona celebrate a save with goalie Thomas McMellon

Jakob Henderson and Reid Fulton

We all know SHS hockey games are an event like no other–with the atmosphere of the student section and the intensity of the game, attending a game is hard to pass up. Unfortunately, the location of home games is typically far from home, and games are often held during inconvenient times, which keeps spectators away from some exhilarating matches.

Scituate’s hockey team has secured themselves as true contenders for the DIII championship. The Sailors have steamrolled through December and January with an overall record of 10-3-2. In their past 5 games, they remain undefeated with a tremendous total of 30 goals for and 4 goals against. As of now, the Sailors are looking at a top 4 final-standing projection for the league playoffs. This is a great position for the Sailors since they can maintain home games through the first couple of rounds of the tournament. 

The Scituate senior captains, defenseman Matthew Seghezzi, forward Dan Brown, forward Will Chatterton, and forward Teagen Pratt, have really stepped up to the challenge and through their leadership created one of the best hockey teams in the state. 

Teagen Pratt is the team’s leading goal-scorer with 18 goals. Pratt has been described as “having that clutch gene in him” by senior Jesse Rees, a Scituate Sailors hockey super fan. After saving the team in so many close games, Pratt has become an inspiration for his fellow teammates and up-and-coming underclassmen skaters. Matthew Seghezzi has also been a lock-down defenseman while managing to sneak in 5 goals this season. Seghezzi has been able to keep the number of shots on junior starting goalie Thomas McMellen to a minimum. McMellen, commonly referred to as “Moose,” has been able to shut down any hopes of winning for countless teams across the state through his immaculate saves. McMellen constantly rallies the crowd with his big-time saves, met with a synchronized chant of “MOOSE” from the crowd.

The team also has many other important skaters, such as junior James Sullivan, who has the most assists on the team with over 22, or junior Johnny Donahue who is third in total points on the team. Many underclassmen on the team have been able to be critical parts of this winning offense. Nate Sanella, sophomore, and Peter Cappadona, freshman, have both been consistent players.
The future of the Sailors looks bright, but right now it’s almost time for some playoff hockey.