Fall Signing Day 2022

Feeney, Nelson, and Spaulding commit to college programs


Megan Nelson, Charlotte Spaulding and Anna Feeney

Lindsey Hausmann and Ava Easterly

Thursday, November 17th, 2022, was a very special day for three student-athletes and their families, as SHS held its first signing day of the 2022/2023 school year. Three top-tier student-athletes officially committed to the colleges where they plan to continue their academic and athletic careers. The following athletes were recognized for this accomplishment: 

Anna Feeney: Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH (Field Hockey)

Megan Nelson: College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. (Swimming)

Charlotte Spaulding: The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. (Lacrosse) 

All three student-athletes were elated and relieved when they officially committed to college programs. Feeney stated, “It’s definitely a lot of stress taken off my shoulders. I can go into the year with fewer worries and make the most of my senior year.” Spaulding agreed, stating, “Seeing everyone go through the college process right now, it makes me very happy that I am already done with it.”

The fall of senior year tends to be the most stressful season due to college applications and deadlines that build up around this time. Students have to implement and increase their time management skills, which can be extremely challenging. Unlike most students, these SHS athletes started this process during their junior year, getting it out of the way and saving themselves from the common headaches associated with the college application cycle. 

Nelson described her recruitment process as “really hard,” having to narrow down her options to two schools: “I struggled to make a decision until I went on my college visits,” she explained. Along with Nelson, Spaulding had to narrow her options down to three, then finally made a decision based on visiting all the schools and talking with the coaches. She wanted to ensure that she “liked the school outside of the sport.” Due to many unforeseen circumstances that may impact their athletic participation, it is crucial that athletes like the school atmosphere and community in addition to the athletic program. 

Nelson and Spaulding both knew from a young age they wanted to play a sport in college; however, that is not the case for all athletes. Feeney recently made the decision to continue her athletic career at the collegiate level after her outstanding junior and senior seasons. Feeney stated, “It took time to go through the process,” explaining that it involved “reaching out to coaches, going back and forth between schools and attending prospect days.” Feeney said she always wanted to attend Saint Anselm College–if she played a sport or not. She has many connections to the school, making it an easy and obvious choice. 

Feeney, Nelson, and Spaulding are excited to begin their new journey as collegiate athletes. Stay tuned for the next signing day that is coming up in the spring!