Danny Thompson Commits to Brown University


Lindsey Hausmann and Ava Easterly

The heart and soul of Scituate Football, senior Danny Thompson, has made a name for himself with his recent commitment to play football at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. A member of the Ivy League conference, Brown University is a highly selective school with an acceptance rate of only 6%.

At SHS, Thompson has shown great prowess in both academics and athletics. He started playing SciCho football in the 2nd grade and has demonstrated an undeniable passion for the sport ever since. Thompson stated, “I knew I wanted to play college football ever since the beginning.” This aspiration was shared with his teammates and peers through his work ethic and commitment to the program. Sophomore Bronson Bossey commented, “Danny is always the first person in the gym or field and the last one off.” 

Ever since his freshman year, Thompson has been a role model to the entire football community. His coach for all four years of high school, Herb Devine, spoke enthusiastically about Thompson’s impeccable work ethic: “His work ethic is not like anything I have seen since I started coaching here 16 years ago.” Saying Thompson “constantly puts in 110% effort,” whether it be in practice, the weight room, or in games, Devine commented that he “can’t tell if it’s play one or play one hundred–he is the same person each play and never takes a play off.” 

Acknowledging he was recruited for several college football programs, Thompson stated, “It was a very tough decision.” So what made Brown the best choice for Thompson? “My goal from the beginning of the whole process was to find a place where I could pursue the highest level of football and academics.” 

Looking to studying business, Thompson will be the newest left tackle in the Brown football family, continuing his athletic career as a Brown University bear. 

Thompson is truly everything a team or coach desires–-making it hard to describe him in just a few sentences. Nevertheless, his teammates were happy to share their thoughts: 

“Danny is the one guy who is always working no matter what. He has that D1 mentality.” ~ Senior Jesse Rees 

“Danny is a great leader and a very hard worker. He has a high football IQ and is an overall great person. No one deserves it more than him–he is a true role model.” ~ Senior Devin Mankewich 

“Danny makes me a better person when he’s around. He motivates me to give everything 100%.” ~ Senior Will Chatterton 

“Danny is always talking to people and including everyone. He constantly checks in on his teammates and attends all team events.” ~ sophomore Bronson Bossey 

“Danny is an all-around great person. He’s hardworking, humble, and funny. He’s nice to everyone, especially all the underclassmen.” ~ Junior Charlie Hartwell

“Just the other day I went with Danny to support one of our team’s water boys. Danny made sure to get kids a ride all the way to Hanson just to support the kid” ~ Junior Colton Downing

“I’ve been playing with the guy for a decade now. Nobody works harder, and nobody is more deserving of this opportunity than DT. His leadership on and off the field is inspiring, and I’m honored to be a fellow captain and to share the field with him.” ~ Senior Colin Morley 

“Not only is Danny one of the hardest-working teammates I’ve ever had, but he is also one of the most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met. He is always the last to leave the locker room after practice, giving underclassmen rides home, and always trying to make the team better.”~ Senior Matt Minich 

“Danny consistently checks in on all of his teammates and puts everyone before himself. He sets an example for the younger players and is a huge inspiration.” ~ Sophomore Willy Robinson