I Miss Tom Brady

Ethan Blanks, Staff Writer

This upcoming Sunday, I will have the privilege to watch the greatest Quarterback of all time and an extremely talented up-and-coming quarterback who is looking to follow in his footsteps: Tom Brady will face off against Patrick Mahomes. 

Though the matchup will be incredibly fun to watch, as a Patriots fan, I am very bitter.  For the first time in my life, I watched a losing Patriots season, resulting in not making the playoffs. I see the best player in our history go to a team and immediately take them to the Super Bowl.  With reports that we passed on Stefon Diggs, the wide receiver with the most receiving yards this season in the offseason, I feel like our team is hopeless. 

Every playoff week I have rooted against Brady to try to save my feelings–seeing him win is like a dagger being twisted in my chest. I miss watching this man destroy any team in his way, but now I have to feel sorrow that we let him walk. The fact that Tom Brady is 43 and still one of the best in the league baffles me, and it continues to sink in that we could have kept Brady and built around him to extend the dynasty.

In the last couple of years, Boston sports fans have lost a lot of legends: David Ortiz,  Zdeno Chara, and now Tom Brady.  This Sunday, I won’t be cheering for either team. This Sunday is like a funeral for the New England Patriots–we will be watching as a young star takes over the conference they used to own, and our best player walks and continues his streak of greatness.