It’s Not Too Late to Try Skiing or Snowboarding


Samantha Roman, Staff Writer

During the winter season, skiing and snowboarding become regular activities for many people in the Scituate community. Many students at Scituate High School are avid skiers and snowboarders. 

Although more people have tried skiing than those who have tried snowboarding, most of the people who are skiers were open to the idea of trying snowboarding as well. The positives to snowboarding are that the shoes are a lot more comfortable, which is a struggle for many skiers. As skiing requires uncomfortable ski boots that often make your feet cold–especially when you take your feet out of the boots–your toes sting as they adapt to the warmth. However, one negative to snowboarding is that you have to click all of the equipment in and out of its place once you get on the chairlift, something you don’t have to do for skiing. 

I asked SHS juniors Sarah Villa, Sydney Washburn, and Ellie Snow about their opinions on skiing versus snowboarding. None of the three had been snowboarding, but none seemed opposed to the idea either. Skiing seems like what a majority of kids learned at a young age, while snowboarding is something that people learned later in life. Snow is not a huge fan of skiing because she doesn’t feel like she has a lot of control–especially while going down steep parts of the mountain–so she would love to try something new. Villa had a bad experience catapulting into the woods one time and now feels very cautious on skis, as one often experiences a lack of control barreling down black diamonds. 

Elizabeth Finn, a sophomore at SHS, talked about how she enjoys snowboarding a lot more than skiing. She finds it more difficult than skiing and enjoys the challenge. She also enjoys surfing in the summer and feels that snowboarding is very similar to surfing. If you are able to surf well, it is supposed to be easier to learn to snowboard. 

Skiing and snowboarding are both fun activities, and several mountains are still open! So many activities have been taken away the past year, so spending a day on the slopes could be a wonderful way to escape the screen and make some new memories.