SHS Athletes Benefit from Yoga Class

SHS athletes find a common bond through yoga class

Matthew Luscombe, Staff Writer

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Many athletes will say that yoga is too easy, it’s not challenging, it doesn’t help anything. But a group of athletes at Scituate High School has a different take on this form of exercise. In fact, every Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., they take “Yoga for Athletes” at Studio 143 in Scituate. This class, which has been held for a few years at Studio 143, attracts a large group of athletes each week.

According to senior Gavin Kelly, “Going to yoga is definitely one of my favorite parts of the week–it’s on my calendar for sure.” Kelly is a defenseman on the SHS hockey team. According to Kelly,  participating in activities like yoga has benefits beyond fitness. He said it’s great for team building: “Its huge to be developing team chemistry as soon as we can, and yoga has definitely played a huge part in that.”  

Many athletes who participate in yoga classes say this is their favorite aspect of the class. “That’s why I love going–cracking jokes with the boys–just having fun together,” said freshman defenseman Charlie Norton. Senior forward Ian Loftus weighed in on the team building and said, “This year’s team has better chemistry, and we are all really close friends, and it’s a better atmosphere than I think we did last year.” Loftus added, “Yoga definitely played a big part in that–it’s a great way to get acquainted with the team before the season even starts.”

The benefits of yoga are huge for athletes. Balance and injury prevention are main takeaways from yoga. Freshman Charlie Norton explained its fitness benefits as “extremely helpful.” According to Norton, yoga “will definitely carry over for hockey season.”

According to these athletes, yoga classes are challenging for even the most athletic players. There are many exercises that the class as a whole modifies to make it easier. The mental side of yoga is the other half to the puzzle. Being able to focus on yourself and complete the exercises is extremely difficult and vital to be able to get the full benefit.

Savasana, or corpse pose, is the term for the relaxing exercise that the class ends with every week. It is the time when no one talks and participants reflect on the class and how they are currently feeling. When asked about his favorite part of the class, senior Gavin Kelly responded, “Savasana at the end where you can just chill and kinda relax–it’s very peaceful.”  

For any athlete who would like to consider practicing yoga in the future, Kelly said, “As many kids should go as possible–it’s good for you and it’s fun, so why not?” Loftus added, “The hockey yoga program is very fun. You feel good and Cindia Norton does an incredible job of teaching it.”

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SHS Athletes Benefit from Yoga Class