The COVID Vaccine is Safe and Effective

Delaney Sandner, Staff Writer

There has been much controversy around the world surrounding the topic of the COVID vaccine and its effectiveness. With the many unknowns stemming from the evolving pandemic, people are scared of the supposed “risks” of being vaccinated. False information and accusations are being thrown out with no proof or evidence, so how do we know what’s true? In a recent interview, Dr. Christine Arigo of Genesis Pediatrics in Rochester, NY, offered reassurances about taking the vaccine. Dr. Arigo stated the benefits of taking the vaccine and her thoughts on how urgent it is.  

After extensive research, Dr. Arigo has come to the conclusion that the vaccine is very important and beneficial for any improvement during this time. In order for COVID to ultimately be gone or less invasive, people must get vaccinated. It’s the only way to solve the issue at hand. Dr. Arigo stated, “The majority of the people who do take the vaccine feel completely fine, but there is a percentage of people who feel achy and miserable after the second vaccine.” However, these side effects only tend to last a few days, and the benefits outweigh the temporary flu-like side symptoms. Dr. Arigo also said she has “heard from the news some people getting allergic reactions, but the truth is this occurs with most vaccines.”  

Dr. Arigo discussed the success rate of the vaccines that are currently available. So far the success percentage rate is higher than most vaccines people take yearly. For example, the COVID vaccine has a higher percentage of effectiveness when compared to the flu vaccine.  According to Dr. Arigo, “The covid vaccine just recently shot up to being around 85 plus percent [effective].” Nevertheless, there are still people hesitating to receive it.  Although their hesitation is understandable, Arigo explained, “Vaccination is our best shot at going back to normal.” As of now, we aren’t expected to have everyone vaccinated with their first vaccine until January of 2022.  This date will continue to be pushed back if people refuse to get vaccinated. 

Dr. Arigo dispelled some of the rumors associated with the vaccine.  She said, “There are no studies saying the vaccine could prevent pregnancy, and there are no studies yet showing any long-term effects of the vaccine.” One huge controversy was over the COVID vaccine affecting the ability of women to get pregnant. This was assumed because people call the protein on a placenta a spike protein, and they call the protein made from the vaccine a spike protein. This leads people to believe that the vaccine could affect pregnancies when, in fact, that isn’t proven. According to Dr. Argio, “It’s like calling two things an animal and saying they are the same when one is a dog and the other is a giraffe. It is a description of the protein but not at all the same thing.”

Dr. Arigo emphasizes the importance of fact-checking. She knows the importance of the vaccine and hopes people don’t reject it based on rumors. Dr. Arigo highly recommends taking the COVID-19 vaccine, as it is a vital step toward ending the pandemic.