Senior Caf: Why is it so Dirty?

Morgan Seghezzi, Staff Writer

The Senior Caf has become a sacred place for the seniors of 2019. From new furniture to an upgraded aethstetic, the Senior Caf is the new hotspot. So why aren’t seniors taking better care of their space?  

Many SHS seniors spend their free time in the Senior Caf. However, whether it be for study halls or lunch, the environment is always the same–messy. Wrappers litter the floors and crumbs are in the crevasses of the rugs. In their rush to get to class, seniors forget to pick up their trash from lunch, letting it sit there for days on end until someone is kind enough to pick it up.

Students who frequently use the Senior Caf need to learn how to pick up after themselves. The Senior Caf is a privilege, and it needs to be treated that way. Other students have put in a lot of hard work in order to make this an enjoyable place, so it needs to be respected.