SHS Welcomes AP Environmental Science


Jane McGuiggin, Staff Writer

This year, a new AP science course is being offered at Scituate High School: AP Environmental Science is in its pilot year, with over 50 students enrolled. In recent years, students have taken the class virtually through an independent study, but this year, students are finally able to take it in person. 

AP Environment Science is taught by SHS science teacher Charlie O’Driscoll—known to students as Ms. O’D. With high hopes for the course, O’Driscoll said she is “so excited that it’s been added to the curriculum” despite it being “daunting to take on an entirely new course at such a high level.” 

Environmental Science isn’t a regular science class, as there are many aspects of science weaved into the curriculum. Pulling from aspects of biology, chemistry, and physics, to social sciences such as ethics and sociology, AP Environmental Science has a complex curriculum with opportunities for hands-on learning. According to O’Driscoll, the course has “a lot of hands-on activities and labs that help connect the dots to the curriculum for College Board,” which allows students to “have fun doing it while learning.” 

Students who are enrolled in the course also have high reviews for the class. Junior Sam Brown said the class is “interesting but also very engaging.” Brown enrolled in the class because of its curriculum and relevance to the world. Senior Maeve Cochran said she took the class because “it seemed very interesting and all of [her] friends were taking it.” So far, she feels appropriately challenged by the class. Cochran commented, “Science isn’t my favorite subject, but environmental science is interesting because it applies to life, so it’s beneficial.” Junior Sarah Gillis agrees with her classmates, saying “the tests are difficult,” but she enjoys the labs and off-sites.