The Quarantine Experience

How did members of the Scituate community spend their time in quarantine?

Samantha Roman, Staff Writer

As we approach one full year of struggling through the coronavirus pandemic, many have experienced life in quarantine. Considered to be rather boring, and at times painful, spending time in isolation is necessary to keep those around us safe and healthy. Members of the Scituate community–including staff and students–have endured quarantine periods after contracting the virus, each suggesting a different method to get through it.

SHS senior Kendal McCluskey contracted the coronavirus recently and subsequently had to quarantine in her room. In order to pass the time away from her family and friends, McCluskey exercised, talked to friends over FaceTime, and watched movies and shows. She wanted to try something new and break out of her comfort zone, so she took up painting. This was something she wouldn’t have done without this quarantine period. Since her rather hectic senior year schedule had been building up, the quarantine period was also a great time for McCluskey to catch up on school work. Saying she often found herself feeling extremely bored, she was tempted to leave her room; McCluskey admitted it was both different and difficult to avoid being near anyone. 

Kiera and Siobhan Reidy, twin sisters who are juniors at SHS, had to face a two-week quarantine period when their field hockey coach tested positive for the coronavirus in the fall. Kiera likes cooking and baking, so she found more time to explore these activities while quarantined. Although isolation can feel unbearable, for the Reidys, it seemed like a time for personal growth. 

Superintendent of Scituate Public Schools, William Burkhead, was able to see the positives of quarantining. Commenting that he saw it as a time of self-reflection and relaxation, Burkhead set aside time to read, watch Netflix, and complete work without distractions. He also used technology to make connections with people. The loss of human connection was the most challenging aspect of the quarantine period for Burkhead, and he was excited for a night with his family as soon as it ended. 

During quarantine, many people are inclined to put social media and daily struggles aside, focusing instead on self-care. Throughout the ten-day period, boredom and isolation can become overwhelming, but there are numerous ways to fill the void. Quarantining is certainly hard, but it is important to remember it is vital for public safety.