Massachusetts’ Class of 2019 House of Representatives Celebrate 191st Inaugural Ceremony

Ryan Frankel, Staff Writer

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Boston woke up on Wednesday, January 2nd, to the sound of a beating gavel in the House Chamber of the Massachusetts State House. January 2nd marked the 191st Inaugural Ceremony of the Class of 2019 Massachusetts House of Representatives. Overlooking all of 160 representatives in their seats from the top of the House Gallery, I was so grateful to have the opportunity to attend this amazing event. It was the very first time I’ve been to the State House, and as I took the first step on Beacon Hill, I knew how important it was to be there for State Representative Patrick Kearney and the campaign.

I arrived at the State House one hour before the ceremony, and I had time to spare. I ended up getting lost in the building, but I was completely excited to get lost in a place where I had no idea how to get around. As the ceremony began, I took my seat, front and center in the House Gallery. Governor Charlie Baker delivered an amazing speech to the 191st Massachusetts House of Representatives right before the House class of 2019 were sworn in.

It’s been 70 years since anyone from Scituate has won a House seat from the 4th Plymouth District and Patrick Kearney made history on the house floor becoming just one of the top 1% of representatives with a bloodline within the Massachusetts House of Representatives. His mother, Maryanne Lewis, was a representative from Dedham during the time Patrick was born. Lewis became the first woman to give birth during her time as a state representative in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.


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