Senior Sleigh Ride Spotlights the Vicente Twins

Rosaline and Rosalita bring their warm, friendly personalities to the Senior Sleigh Ride


Ella Ward

Rosalita (left) and Rosaline (right) celebrate their 18th birthday this year

Ella Ward , Staff Writer

This year’s final additions to the Senior Sleigh Ride are doubly nice: the Vicente twins, Rosaline and Rosalita, celebrate their birthday on our final day of this special series. It may be hard to tell these identical twins apart, but they have unique personalities and nicknames. For example, Rosaline goes by “Rosie” after some of her teachers began to call her this nickname, and a friend started calling Rosalita, “Lita,” and the nickname has stuck ever since. 

The Vicente twins lived in Cape Verde—located off the west coast of Africa—until they were three years old before moving to Scituate. Cape Verde holds a special place in their hearts, explaining that Cape Verde is their “home country,” which represents who they are.  Although they live in Scituate now, they enjoy visiting Cape Verde for its warm weather, beautiful beaches, culture, and delicious food. They both have the same favorite food when visiting: Bacalhau, a traditional Portuguese dish made of codfish and an assortment of vegetables, potatoes, and eggs, typically eaten with a side of rice. 

Rosaline’s most significant accomplishment during her time at SHS was getting inducted into the National Honor Society due to her work ethic and exceptional grades. Similarly, Rosalita’s most important accomplishment was moving from CP English, Spanish, and Anatomy to the honors level courses in those subjects.

This year, the twin’s favorite class is Spanish 5 Culture Through Film with Julia Gutierrez. They enjoy learning about the different Spanish cultures, specifically the food. Rosaline and Rosalita are “almost fluent” in Spanish; however, they are fluent in English, Portuguese, Cape Verdean Creole, and French. 

Rosalita has been a leader as SHS strives to address racism in the school community: she has spent many hours talking to the administration and raising awareness about racial injustice. 

Next year, Rosaline will be attending the University of Rhode Island, in South Kingston, Rhode Island, where she will major in psychology.

If Rosalita could bring one person on the sleigh ride with her, she would bring her friend, junior Emmanuel Grant. Rosaline would bring her friends: seniors Gretchen Voelger-Swain, Chyan Johnson.