SHS Bids Fond Farewell to Hoffman and Mohr


SHS guidance counselors Sharon Mohr (left) and Marlene Hoffman will be missed at SHS

Sarah Villa and Mary Stevenson

At the end of this 2020-2021 academic year, two beloved SHS guidance counselors, Marlene Hoffman and Sharon Mohr, will be retiring. Both of these counselors will leave a lasting impact on the SHS environment. 

Hoffman expressed mixed emotions about her retirement, indicating it is an exciting yet difficult change. Having previously worked at the elementary school level, Hoffman said the transition to high school was nerve-wracking, but she enjoyed the students and staff at the high school. Hoffman said she made great connections over the years, adding, “It’s a job that you can’t get bored at,” as there are constant changes even if the day seems planned. 

Hoffman has been working at SHS since 2003. Originally, she filled a long-term substitute position when SHS guidance counselor Tammy Rundle went on maternity leave. Rundle and Hoffman “split the job” when Rundle returned, and Hoffman was able to move to a full-time position when another counselor left. 

When thinking about retirement, Hoffman said she is excited about “traveling and visiting [her] kids.” She also looks forward to taking her time, relaxing, and figuring out what she wants to do next.

As a counselor, Hoffman has helped hundreds of seniors apply to college. She remarked how exciting it is when students “get their acceptances and they get into the college of their choice.” Highlighting the great work that Hoffman did, senior Caroline Concannon says, “Mrs. Hoffman is always willing to be a helpful and supportive aide to students. Whenever I’ve had any problem, I’ve always been able to contact her and get the help I needed throughout the time having her as my guidance counselor.” 

Working beside Hoffman at SHS for the past 13 years, SHS guidance counselor Sharon Mohr is also retiring from education. Those who had the privilege of working with her know she genuinely takes pride in seeing her students succeed. Saying a favorite part of her job is helping students apply to college, Mohr commented that she enjoys watching students hit the “submit” button on their college application. 

According to Mohr, living in Scituate has allowed her to make strong connections with students and families; in particular, she likes seeing students or graduates around town and having the opportunity to catch up. Mohr specifically added, “I really enjoy when I run into a student who struggled or didn’t like high school and they are doing really well out in the big world. High school can be a stressful and challenging time in all of our lives, and seeing students who are doing well is great.” 

While Mohr boasts of the incredible “motivation and respect” she sees in students, she will also miss the faculty and staff. She commends them for their willingness to advocate for students as a “compassionate and understanding group of people.” 

The next phase of Mohr’s life will be spent relishing time with her new grandson, whom she will be taking care of several days a week.