Scituate Town Library Welcomes New Teen Librarian 


Rachel Stone is the new teen librarian for Scituate Town Library

Jane Naylor, Staff Writer

Located downstairs of the newly renovated Scituate Town Library is a cozy, friendly, and productive workspace dedicated specifically for teenagers. According to the Teen Room Policy from the Scituate Town Library website, the Teen Room “represents the library’s effort to ensure that the local middle and high school students have a place that is safe, relaxing, and responsive to their library needs and interests.”

To help maintain this mission, Rachel Stone was recently hired as the “teen librarian” for the Scituate Town Library. Originally from Lexington–and growing up going to her local public library–Stone attended Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Then, she received her Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from Simmons University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Stone was inspired to become a librarian because she has always been an “avid reader.” Furthermore, she is “passionate about the free services” that a public library offers its community. Stone admires that one can go to the library without the “expectation or necessity” to spend money, which, in her opinion, is “beautiful and rare.” 

Stone was drawn to this position–with teens specifically–because of how important reading and the library were to her during her teen years. Furthermore, Stone said that she has many adults in her life that introduced her to books that had a big impact during the “tumultuous” teen years.  

Outside of the library, Stone enjoys building Harry Potter “LEGO” sets, playing with her cat, Gryffin, and spending time with her friends and family. Furthermore, during non-pandemic times, she likes to travel. 

In regards to the plans for the teen program, Stone mentioned they will be offering some “great outdoor programming this summer for teens,” although, not at the pre-COVID level yet.  

To anyone looking into reading again, Stone recommends reading graphic novels, listening to audiobooks, and reading magazines. Her favorite literary idea is “for every reader their book, for every book its reader.” In addition, her favorite quote is by James Patterson: “there is no such thing as a kid who doesn’t like reading. There are kids who love reading, and kids who are reading the wrong books.” Stone is committed to helping people find those types of books that “will make an impact, make them think, or simply provide entertainment.”

Furthermore, Stone recommends “The Arc of Scythe” series by Neal Shusterman, Harry Potter by J.K Rowling, and Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds for teen reads. 

Stone looks forward to being able to offer broader browsing services by starting back up with programming. She is excited for the library to open up more fully when the pandemic is over. Stone “can’t wait to meet the teens of Scituate!”