Girls’ Hockey Team Hoping to Increase Fanbase


The girls’ varsity hockey team receives a pre-game pep talk from Coach Thompson

If you have ever attended an SHS girls’ varsity hockey game, you may have noticed the stands are somewhat empty. Unlike the boys’ varsity hockey team, the girls’ team has a very small fanbase, which may affect the team’s performance.

Beyond the team’s family members, SHS paraprofessional Judy Leahy (aka “Ms. Judy) is a faithful fan. She is even known as the team’s “superfan,” according to many team members. During the last game of the season, Leahy received a hat and card as a special thank-you for her support.

When asked why she attends the games, Leahy said she believes there should always be a few staff members there to support the girls. She also feels strongly that the girls’ hockey team is sometimes forgotten. Leahy commented that the size of the team might be one of the reasons the games are not well attended. (The varsity team has 14 players, including three senior captains: Kiera Modder, Bridget Thompson, and Gridska Flynn.)

Leahy cited the distance to Hobomock Arena in Pembroke, combined with an increased focus on the boys’ hockey team, as contributing factors. The boys’ varsity hockey team always has a crowd, and Leahy wants people to respect girls’ athletics just as much as they respect boys’ athletics. This year during the regular season, the boys’ team did attend one girl’s hockey game; however, members of the girls’ team attended several of the boys’ hockey games. 

The team captains stated that posts on social media and encouraging messages during the high school’s morning announcements did not improve supporter turnout during the girls’ season. However, when additional fans did attend games, the team played with more energy.