The End of the Road for SHS Varsity Basketball


The Sailor fanbase traveled to Taunton High School for the season’s final basketball game

Henry Gates and Billy Bernier

It’s a sad day for the Sailors. This week, our hope of obtaining another championship from the boy’s hockey and basketball teams has faded as they both got knocked out in the Final Four. The basketball team put up a strong fight Wednesday night, but unfortunately could not secure the win as Malden Catholic sank the Sailors ship by a large margin. However, the Sailors did not give up the ship–the boys fighting till the end, and the fans refusing to put their hands down.

Malden Catholic has been cruising through the year, holding the number one seed with a 21-2 record this season. They have proved to be one of the best teams in the state, nevermind the division, by dominating numerous opponents. This incredible domination, however, has raised many questions about the current layout of the divisions: How does Scituate, a small public school, play in the same division as Malden Catholic, a large private school with the ability to recruit players from all around the country? Why isn’t there a separate conference for private schools, as they have such a competitive advantage with recruiting?

After watching Malden Catholic breeze through games against just about every division 2 team this season, the fairness of the competition and division divide definitely come into question. Although this has been long debated, last night’s loss to Malden Catholic has only fueled its fire. At some point, we believe changes need to be made in order to promote proper competition for all high school teams by ensuring the divisions promote a fair fight. 

Even though this wasn’t the ending we all had hoped for, the 2021-2022 SHS Varsity Boy’s Basketball team outperformed all expectations this season by reaching the semi-finals–an incredible accomplishment in itself. A special thank you goes out to this year’s graduating seniors for making this season amazing. We know you will all go on to do great things in your future endeavors.