Boys’ Basketball Senior Squad Shares Deep Bond


Henry Gates and Billy Bernier

In 2013, a mismatched group of third-grade boys was put on the court together for the first time–unaware that they would play together for the next nine years and become the future SHS boys’ basketball team.

These ten seniors have remained a close-knit group over the past decade, growing and improving together.  Senior captain Keegan Sullivan explained how although he first started basketball when he was 6, his first official team was the Scituate travel team in 2013. Sullivan talked about the benefits of having a strong group of athletes together throughout the years, saying, “We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses on the court.” Sullivan believes this longtime bond has “helped a lot on the defensive end and with the chemistry of the team.” 

The boys’ season is already looking up, with a solid 5-1 start with wins over Catholic Memorial and Whitman-Hanson to name a few. These wins can be credited to many things, one crucial aspect being how well the seniors are able to play together as a closely bonded team. SHS Senior Johnny Kinsley shot the lights out in the first game of the season, knocking down 6 three-pointers.

“We all know Johnny has been a shooter, so if we can get the ball to him in open space, we have trust that he’ll make that shot,” said senior captain Clayton Belmarsh. “We have a lot of playmakers, and with the talent and work ethic we’ve maintained over the years, I think we’ll be able to win the league,” Belmarsh says.

This season is bittersweet for the senior ballplayers, as their long dedication to the game will be coming to a close in early spring. Some may go on to play at the next level, but come the end of the season, this close-knit group won’t be suiting up together ever again. When asked about what this means to the team and the seniors, senior Christian Pitten commented, “It’s a little sad to think about, but what better way to end your career than to play with all the boys you started it with.” That’s a mindset that will carry this special group of players to a special final senior season.