Gianni Cannady Continues to Inspire


#77 Gianni Cannady kept his teammates feeling upbeat and positive even during a difficult time in his own life

Henry Gates, Staff Writer

This year has been tough for everyone, but SHS senior Gianni Cannady has experienced an especially challenging time. On Wednesday, December 23rd, Gianni’s amazing mother, Sunshyne Cannady, tragically passed away.  To help support Gianni during this difficult period, members of the Scituate community raised over $40,000 dollars for his college fund. 

The fund was started by SHS parent Robin Sullivan, who organizes many events for the high school football team’s booster organization. This season, the football team honored Sunshyne’s legacy with a sticker on the back of every player’s helmet. In addition, this year’s football season was dedicated to Sunshyne. 

Gianni has participated in the METCO program since he was in 1st grade. Several Scituate families (including my own family) have grown close with him. In fact, for as long as I can remember, Gianni has been like a brother to my siblings and me, and nothing less than an additional son to my parents. Even though I will miss Gianni (and the rest of the seniors) next year, I am excited to see what he does after high school.