Peter Umbrianna’s Journey to Scituate

Meaghan Murray, Staff Writer

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Peter Umbrianna has already proved to be a dedicated and passionate athletic director, but, surprisingly, his career before Scituate High School was heading in a totally different direction. 

Hailing from Duxbury, MA, Umbrianna grew up playing sports all throughout his childhood. Even though he claims to have always been interested in a career in sports, Umbrianna decided to major in Broadcast Journalism at Quinnipiac University. Continuing on the path of journalism, he continued on to work for Kiss 108 as an intern. Umbrianna shared his experiences with numerous celebrities. These famous faces include Justin Bieber, Rick Ross, and Tyga, who is actually a “very nice guy,” according to Umbrianna.

Although journalism was his main focus in college and immediately after, Umbrianna did minor in sports studies — a career path he would go on to pursue. His experiences in a school setting do not begin at Scituate: Umbrianna served as a physical education teacher at Archbishop Williams High School for three years, then went on to become the intern AD at Weymouth High School. He expressed how the fields of journalism and management intertwine–Umbrianna thinks his past work experiences will allow him to be organized and successful in his new career. 

Umbrianna is definitely aware of Scituate’s big win at last year’s football state championship–it was one of the main attractions which led him to take the job at Scituate. He expresses how important the reputation of this school is, both on and off the field. Sportsmanship and leadership are most important to him. Specifically, he believes captains of sports teams should be seen as strong and dedicated leaders by their peers. Umbrianna even wants to establish weekly meetings between captains to make significant decisions in the school community. 

Peter Umbrianna comes from a background of communications work–a skill that will benefit him greatly as he continues to be a leader in the SHS community as our new AD.