Whose house? OUR HOUSE!


adams poses for a selfie with students during the Our House celebration September 29th!

Annika McCanne, Opinion Editor

On Thursday, September 29th, SHS students filled the seats of the Performing Arts Center as music blasted over the speakers. An energetic voice boomed the question of the hour: “Whose house?” In return, waves of students boomed back their response: “Our house!” This event, organized by jamele adams, Scituate Public School’s DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) Director, focused on community building and family. adams, who prefers to use lower case letters in his name, facilitated the second-ever Our House! celebration at SHS. 

This school-wide event was an opportunity for students to show off their passions and come together in solidarity. The celebration opened with a performance from two SHS seniors, Maggie Murray and Caitlin Bruscino. They sang a medley of songs as Murray played the piano. Following their musical contribution, several students took the mic across the auditorium and performed poems that spoke to various themes, including love, unity, and family. Another senior, Cooper Prophet, took the stage to show off his excellent drumming skills and captured the attention of the audience. 

Finally, adams brought all the students back together with some closing remarks on building community. Prompting the students, adams asked participants to repeat back to him the phrase “one love, one light, one people, one family” to reinforce the values he hoped the event would showcase. Another important part of his message was “love, inclusion, and trust,” a theme students and staff have been promoting for over the past few years.

Throughout the celebration, four students were onstage painting and drawing images that represented the energy of the audience. In the end, they turned their masterpieces around and explained to the audience how each part of their art represents SHS. Our House is a celebration of the community that has been built at the high school. Kicking off the most normal year since 2020, this event was a wonderful way to build school spirit for a great year to come!