What’s the Word on Wednesdays?

Henry Gates, Staff Writer

With many SHS teachers getting vaccinated, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It might not be so bright right now, but it’s there. Clearly, this school year at SHS has been a roller coaster, but now things are beginning to change–especially Wednesdays. 

Earlier in the year, Wednesdays consisted of a 30-minute homeroom check-in, followed by optional office hours when students could connect with their teachers. For the past two weeks, Cohorts A and B have taken turns attending school in-person on Wednesday.  When one cohort is in school, the other cohort is remote. This schedule is expected to continue until everyone is back in school before the end of the year.

You might like this new program, or you might hate it. So we asked students at SHS their opinions on the new Wednesdays. SHS senior Timothy Grant says he’s “pretty upset about it.” Grant uses Wednesdays to “catch up on some of [his] work, and [he] knows a lot of cohort C students that do the same.” Grant thinks Wednesdays should have stayed remote because it was beneficial to students who were behind on work. 

Similarly, SHS junior Dominic Emond “doesn’t really see the point” of the new Wednesday schedule. Emond thinks remote Wednesdays were “useful for all students.” Grant and Emond seem to have the same mindset: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”