Blizzard Bag Days Not a Great Deal for Seniors

Morgan Seghezzi, Staff Writers

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What is the deal with all these Blizzard Bags? The intent was to decrease snow days that are typically tacked on at the end of the school year. But for SHS seniors, Blizzard Bags seem like another attempt to infringe on senior privileges. 

Did the Blizzard Bag pilot day held on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th, go as planned? Students were given 20 minutes to do pre-assigned work for each class that was supposed to be held that day. In turn, their day counted as a school day–not a snow day. Students got the chance to be in the comfort of their homes while doing quick, easy work.

When asking an SHS senior how she spent the day, she said, “I slept in and watched some movies with my friends.” Another senior said, “I didn’t really do any work–I just took the day for a much-needed break.”

Senior privileges are disappearing each year, and one of the only senior privileges left are snow days. Seniors are not required to make up any days, no matter the number of snow days during the academic year. Many seniors feel that by creating the Blizzard Bags, it is taking away this senior privilege.  One student stated, “I feel like the day was really pointless because a lot of seniors didn’t do it because it took away one of our last privileges.”

Coming into school November 7th, teachers were asking students their opinions on the effectiveness of the Blizzard Bags. Senior students all around disapproved of the workload, finding it unnecessary, and labeling it as busy work. Overall, many seniors felt cheated out of their privileges and disapproved of the Blizzard Bags all together.

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