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Remembering the Week of Heat

First week of September marked by extreme heat at SHS
Olivia Marinucci
SHS seniors Olivia Marinucci and Isabelle McKinnon took a selfie while cooling off in front of a fan in their classroom.

During the first week of school, students and staff members at SHS took on the heat wave with extreme positivity, making sure everyone in the building was as comfortable as possible. In some classrooms, temperatures reached over 90 degrees, especially on the second story. 

SHS Principal Marc Loranger recalled how impressed he was with the staff and student’s ability to persevere through the challenging conditions, even when they were uncomfortable and tired. When walking through the building, he observed teachers advocating for their students. They were also lenient with the amount of work they assigned and encouraged students to take extra water breaks. Loranger said there was a noticeably deep concern for every student’s well-being.

To alleviate the situation, SHS custodians positioned large fans in the hallways to keep air flowing throughout the building. Loranger noted how Gates Middle School principal Ryan Beattie was supportive: he welcomed high school community members to use the Gates dining commons as a temporary classroom for the week. SHS music teacher William Richter also permitted students and staff to use the music room and the Performing Arts Center for teaching and learning, as both spaces were more comfortable with conditioned air. 

SHS health teacher Jaime Dwyer said the heat made it increasingly difficult for her students to stay focused. Extreme temperatures were causing them to feel lethargic and experience headaches. Dwyer took her students into the cooler hallway to escape the heat and complete their work. Consequently, she adjusted her lesson plans so students wouldn’t need the materials in her classroom. 

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SHS junior Trinity Rothwell described how it was hard to function properly during her first days back at SHS. She felt like her brain was shutting down, which decreased her ability to focus and increased her stress level. She commented, “The heat made my excitement for the first day a lot less exciting.” Rothwell was grateful for her teachers, who were flexible about completing assignments. Teachers understood that students were unable to do their best work. 

Although the September heat wave was an unexpected challenge, SHS students persevered and will continue to work just as hard as the school year progresses.