Brewed143 to Open in North Scituate


The opening of the specialty market Board 143 in May 2020 helped revive shopping in North Scituate. Offering an interesting selection of food and drinks ranging from truffle nuts, charcuterie board items, baked goods, and festive beverages, Board 143 is an excellent resource for entertaining or preparing meals at home.

With the recent closing of Marylou’s coffee shop next door, the owners of Board 143 saw an opportunity to expand their business. After completing renovations to the space, they plan to open “Brewed 143,” where they will offer coffee from Slack Tide in Marshfield, a variety of pastries, and other breakfast items. 

Owners Mark and Kerri Curreri are excited about the future of their business and getting involved in the coffee industry. Kerri Curreri said the minute she heard the news about Marylou’s leaving she “called the landlord and secured the space.” An architect has been hired to rework the space to include “open windows, communal tables, outside seating, and an open layout.” With a playground located right across the street, the team is expecting extra foot traffic coming through North Scituate. 

When asked about the anticipated opening of Brewed 143, Kerri Curreri commented, “The dream would be the summer, but it depends on the contract.”  Summer is the optimal time of year for local businesses due to the influx of summer tourists. With the addition of a coffee shop, the family-owned company will be looking for additional employees to make the transition go as smoothly as possible.  According to Curreri, “People really need a place to grab a good cup of coffee,” and Brewed 143 is ready to deliver.