North Scituate Says Goodbye to Marylou’s


Last week, news broke that the North Scituate Marylou’s Coffee shop is closing. Occupying the building for 11 years now, it came as a shock to many SHS students that the business is leaving. Marylou’s has been a North Scituate staple for years now—it’s impossible to think of North Scituate without being reminded of the bright pink awning and the black and white checkered floors. With a constant flow of customers throughout the day, it has become a running question of what made this popular Scituate spot close? Scituate’s own seniors, Emily Love and Maeve Manning, work at the Marylou’s in North Scituate. Manning explained that she’s worked there for “around a year and four months” and was upset to hear about the closing because “it’s the only place [she] gets coffee in the morning.”

This beloved coffee shop is a fan favorite of a variety of people in the Scituate. On an average morning, the shop is filled with students getting a coffee before school, adults buying coffee on their way to work, and kids enjoying their Minty-Lou. The store’s various signature flavors include the Minty Lou, Peanut Butter Wonderful, Twix, and Milky Way. The black straw and pink emblem cup is a visually pleasing and eye-catching symbol of good coffee for many Scituate residents.

Manning explained that she had “no warning” and was informed of the business closing last week even though the closing date was coming up soon on October 30th. According to Manning, the employees were “shocked and confused” at this information. Kendall Christian, a current Marylou’s employee, shared a few words with The Scituation during one of her last shifts. Christian, an employee for four years, was very upset by the news and only has nine shifts left. Thankfully, she has a second job that she can rely on after the location closes. Christian explained, “It was an extreme shock–they had just finished renovations in here, and we assumed they’d put more work into the store.” This shock to the community sparked much confusion and inevitably many questions arose. Christian cleared some of this confusion regarding why this location is closing: “They didn’t want to put any more money into the building, and we were also told that they were not getting enough customers.” With a constant flow of customers, the question remains whether or not this is the true reason behind the location closing.

Customers and residents are generally upset and surprised by the business closing. Even though it is very disappointing that Marylou’s will no longer be in North Scituate, there is still a shop in Cohasset. So next time you are craving a Minty Lou, head on over to Cohasset for impeccable service and coffee!