SHORE Grant Night Presentations Varied Among Departments

SHORE Grant Night Presentations Varied Among Departments

Annika McCanne, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, April 5th, the Scituate High Opportunities & Resources for Education (SHORE) grant committee met in the SHS library to review presentations from students and faculty members. The pitches varied from requests for sports equipment to classroom materials to improved hands-on learning materials. All participants were hoping to receive approval and funding for their requests. 

The evening started with a display from SHS business teacher Eric Fagerlund, who requested additional televisions to increase interactive workspaces for business students. After receiving several televisions through SHORE in the fall, he returned to report that they “transformed the classroom.” The additional equipment allows him to supervise and regulate what students are working on at any given time, offering better support. 

Following Fagerlund, English teacher Jennifer Curtis requested five standing desks for her classroom. During her presentation, she commented, “SHS embraces healthy choices.” According to Curtis, allowing students to stand during class would increase their attention span and allow them to stay active during a traditionally sedentary school day. Curtis explained that 70% of her students indicated they would like the option of standing desks. This furniture option would benefit those struggling with attention issues, especially in English classes focusing on reading and writing. 

Curtis also advocated for English teacher Paul Scavotto, who requested materials to showcase his mythology students’ mask projects. Inevitably, these masks pile up in boxes instead of being displayed to the student body; therefore, Scavotto would like to create a display that will showcase the hard work mythology students dedicate to this project. 

Following teacher presentations, SHS juniors Jake O’Malley, Parker Hausmann, and Charlie Hartwell requested funding for a financial event with speakers and catering. As leaders of a finance club, Financial Learning for the Youth (FLY), they developed a registered 501(c)(3) to “create a network and community” for business partners across South Shore school systems. 

Aiming to enrich the opportunities for sports at SHS, the boys’ volleyball program was started this season. However, to become a varsity sport, they must obtain independent funding for two years as a club before being recognized as a team sport. During their request for game officials and uniforms funding, the club members explained that they save money by borrowing equipment from the girls’ volleyball team. Excited to offer boys’ volleyball at a higher level–past youth REC camps–members of the boys’ program hope to cultivate a passion for the sport at SHS. 

A group of four sophomore students gave the final presentation. Led by SHS history teacher Heather Willinger, the students sought funding for their SHS civic action project, a clothing closet that students could access when they need appropriate clothing for activities such as the prom, Model UN, DECA, or college interviews. 12.7% of students at SHS are economically disadvantaged, and a clothing closet would allow “students to help students” feel comfortable and dignified when they need clothing for special occasions.