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Snow White Takes on Highly Anticipated Live Action

Rachel Zegler portrays Snow White in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of this classic film

Update for all Disney fans! If you haven’t heard, Snow White is returning to theaters–but this time with live-action! The original Snow White movie, released in 1937, was the first Disney-animated feature film. In 2025, fans will be ecstatic to see the modified live-action version of a fan favorite, and they are projecting record-breaking box office sales. 

Initially set to be released in March of 2024, Snow White was impacted by the recent four-month-long actors’ strike, which ended on November 9, 2023. Consequently, the anticipated release date for the film is March 21, 2025. The actors’ strike has caused a ripple effect throughout the industry, as new films haven’t been developed or released, and promotions for expected releases have been delayed.

SHS Film as Literature teacher Anne Blake commented, “The actors’ strike has been an ongoing issue in Hollywood,” noting the strike began due to new contracts with streaming services. Actors were not being compensated each time their movie or show was viewed. Artificial intelligence (AI) is also impacting the film industry, and actors are striving for protection against AI taking over their images and using them in other films. 

Although most of the students and staff at SHS were unaware of the upcoming Snow White film, many were very enthusiastic. SHS librarian Tracey Newman was excited to hear about the new edition of Snow White, remarking that she “saw the original in the movie theatre when [she] was only about five or six years old.”  Newman admitted the evil queen scared her for days, and she was “curious to see who the price would turn out to be.”

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SHS staff and students are interested in seeing the adaptations made to this live-action film, considering that many live-action films recreated by Disney make slight changes. Blake commented, “Disney tends to update their movies to reflect the value of the current time period.” In fact, instead of using dwarfs, Disney will be using dancers in their updated story of Snow White–and there may not be a prince who saves her. 

Many students consider Snow White a nostalgic film from their childhood. Junior Allie Ryan stated, “I’m really excited for this movie because Snow White was my absolute favorite Disney Princess.” Ryan is looking forward to seeing how the live-action movie compares to the animated version.  Sophomore Penny Murray exclaimed, “I’m really excited to experience the joy of seeing the movie again!”