Record Number of Cousins Celebrate SHS Graduation Together

Jane McGuiggin, Staff Writer

The graduating class of 2023 included a notable number of cousins: Jane and Shawn, John and Michael, Tristan and Nick, Devin and Matt, Bella and Hailey, and Freja and Ellie. According to many of these cousin combinations, growing up with a family member as your classmate can make the high school experience more fun. Members of the James, McGuiggin, Dwyer, Rothwell, Johnson, Mankewich, Lynch, Collins, and Haley families all agreed. 

Despite being in the same family line, some of these cousins are taking their futures in different directions. Shawn Patrick McGuiggin is taking a gap year to focus on hockey in a junior league, while his cousin, Jane McGuiggin, will attend the University of Virginia. Devin Mankewich will attend Mass Maritime Academy while his cousin, Matt Lynch, attends the University of New Hampshire.

Having a cousin in the same grade can ease the transition to high school. For example, Shawn Patrick McGuiggin commented that having his cousin in his grade was special: “I could talk to someone, and I could relate to certain things we were going through throughout high school.” Freja Haley said she “likes having a cousin in the grade,” especially when they have classes together because it has brought them closer. Devin Mankewich added that having a cousin has been “nothing but beneficial.” Mankewich said Lynch “really helped” when he first came to SHS. 

There’s no stronger bond than family, which is something these sets of cousins can prove!