Last Minute Graduation Dress Shopping? Shop Local!


Grace Dousa

Cattivo in North Scituate has a large selection of graduation dresses at reasonable prices

Although graduation dresses tend to be simple, the process of putting together an outfit for this special occasion can be complicated. Although you might be tempted to spend hours online searching for the best styles, there’s no better way to celebrate graduating from Scituate High School than shopping locally! 

Cattivo in North Scituate is a beloved store among many SHS students. When you need a nice outfit, their high-quality clothing never disappoints. Cattivo’s dresses are especially popular and reasonably priced for their quality and selection. Most dresses cost around $70. While this may seem expensive initially, many other stores’ dresses start at about $200. Employee Kerry Gibbons, who is an SHS sophomore, stated, “For graduation, the most popular dresses are definitely from [the] brand Sky to Moon, and [they] have been selling more and more every day as [they] get closer to graduation.”

“It was very easy to find a cute dress because Cattivo organized all the dresses by color, so I knew where to look,” noted one recent shopper. A major benefit of in-person shopping is trying on what you’re buying, and Cattivo has multiple dressing rooms. They also sell beautiful jewelry that you can pair with your selections. 

Out of the Blue is a beautiful boutique in the heart of Scituate Harbor. Known for stocking gorgeous summer dresses perfect for any occasion, this shop has top-quality clothing made from high-end fabrics. Most dresses sell for around $200-300. Out of the Blue’s owner, Nancy Jones, explained the “dresses are definitely the most popular this time of year with graduations, bridal showers, weddings, and other special events.” Their white sundresses are perfect for graduation, and the quality is impressive. Styles are continuously updated to keep the looks new! They also have a selection of jewelry and shoes that complement the dresses and complete the polished look. 

While it may be quick and easy to purchase your graduation outfit online, it is a risky path that often results in disappointment. Between unreliable shipping updates and irregular sizes, online shopping is not the best way to buy your graduation dress. Additionally, if there are any issues with your online dress, some stores do not allow you to return your items. As an example, the online brand Lucy in the Sky does not accept returns, and their shipping updates can be unreliable.

Online stores can be a great option for cute clothing; however, with important events such as graduation, they are not the best. Shopping in person and supporting local businesses is the way to go for graduation dress shopping.