Best Study Spots in Scituate


Study rooms are available for rent at the Lucky Finn cafe on the Driftway

The spring semester of the school year brings a new focus to important exams for SHS students. Whether it’s the SAT, ACT, AP exams, or final exams, studying is absolutely crucial, and fun locations make this tedious task a little bit better. Studying at home can be extremely difficult at times. Whether you have family members who continuously take your attention away from your work or various distractions from your home, losing sight of your studies can be easy. Thankfully, there are various locations in the Scituate community that are perfect for helping you zone in on your work. 

When Scituate Public Library was renovated in 2015, more features and various workplaces were added for the public to use. Many SHS students take advantage of the three “Quiet Study Rooms” that are available for use free-of-charge. These rooms are ideal for individuals, small group work, Zoom calls, or other tasks. Library Director Jessi Finnie explained, “The rooms are most popular during the school week between the times of 3:00-6:00 p.m.” There is room for up to six people in each of these rooms that can be reserved for two hours at a time and are available from opening to 15 minutes before the closing of the library. Study Room reservations may be made by phone at 781-545-8727 or in-person. Study rooms are perfect for meeting up with friends or classmates to collaborate on work. These rooms grant the needed privacy to get work done without any distractions from those around you. 

Junior Brooke McCarthy utilizes the study rooms before big tests and believes “it’s a good way to escape if your house is loud because there are a lot fewer distractions at the library.” McCarthy added, “If you actually leave your house to study, it makes you more productive and motivated to accomplish your work.” Thanks to the library renovations, there are many spaces for students to choose from within the building that can satisfy their needs. There is a space for everyone to sit down and get their necessary work done. 

Lucky Finn has two locations in Scituate, one in Scituate Harbor and one on the Driftway. Lucky Finn offers a serene environment for their customers to hone in on their work–not to mention great food and drinks to enjoy on the side. 

Lucky Finn in Scituate Harbor is perfect for studying, with free Wi-Fi, spacious tables, and a luxurious ocean view. This cozy space, along with the great cafe food to help crush those study cravings, makes Lucky Finn on Scituate Harbor a picturesque study spot. 

Driftway Lucky Finn, located at 52 New Driftway, a new addition to the cafe chain, is bigger than the Harbor location, providing new areas for working and studying. The private offices are clean, clutter-free, and sound-insulated–perfect for studying alone or in a group. The cost varies depending on the size of the room you desire, $25 for the small room and $30 for the big room. Employee Chloe Cronin stated, “They are rented almost every day.” Cronin believes these spaces provide “a great quiet place for people to do work if they don’t have space at home or don’t work in an office.” The office spaces can be easily reserved online with the link below: 

Starbucks in Cohasset offers multiple tables for a great place to get work done while also enjoying a delicious latte and pastry. Although Starbucks can seem crowded and chaotic in the morning before school and in the afternoon, there are definitely times of quietness and serenity in the store. Typically, the morning rush ends around 9:00 a.m. The store enjoys sunlight from the many windows, creating a bright work environment. It’s the perfect place to study if you want a small area with a snack and caffeine to get you through your work. Starbucks has various features, including unique snacks, specialty drinks, quiet workspaces, and free Wi-Fi, making it an amazing option for anyone searching for a nearby study space. 

With the spring exam season approaching, finding study spaces that work for you is important. The fast-paced and stressful energy surrounding the spring semester promotes the importance of being able to take a step back and focus on your work. Whether it’s with a group or alone, all these locations provide prime environments to optimize your studying experience. The fast-paced and stressful energy surrounding end-of-the-year exams promotes the importance of being able to take a step back and focus on your work. Take advantage of these study spots and go into your exams with confidence!