SHS Students Welcome Back Allison Mulvaney


Allison Mulvaney teaches health and wellness at SHS

Clare Kennedy and Alexis Washburn

Health and wellness teacher Allison Mulvaney, who transferred from Gates Middle School to SHS, is known as a bubbly, kindhearted teacher who greets her students with a big smile outside her door. Students look forward to Mulvaney’s classes, as her teaching style is fun, interactive, and educational. 

In transitioning to the high school, Mulvaney had to adjust to a new environment, schedule, and hundreds of new faces. With the national teacher shortage impacting schools across the country, students and staff at SHS are grateful for teachers like Mulvaney, who briskly adapt to new coursework for the sake of their students. 

When asked about her experience switching schools, Mulvaney responded, “I was nervous at first, but it has been so much better than I could have ever imagined. I love it here.”

For many students, Mulvaney’s transition to SHS has been a middle school reunion. Though students’ appearances may have changed throughout the years, the bond they formed with her during their middle school years has remained. Mulvaney said, “I love seeing all the students I knew from Gates and hearing how they are doing.” Being able to reconnect in the classroom has been an exciting experience on both ends.

Students describe Mulvaney’s classes as enjoyable and stress-reducing. Mulvaney commented, “I know that high schoolers have a big work plate, so I try to make my class a time that people enjoy and feel comfortable in.”