Senior Sleigh Ride: Elle Pokorny is a Global Citizen

Passionate about the environment, Elle Pokorny aspires to study conservation and sustainability

Senior Sleigh Ride: Elle Pokorny is a Global Citizen

Andrei Aprea, Contributing Writer

SHS senior Isabelle Pokorny, also known as Elle, is notably one of the kindest students at SHS and one of the biggest advocates for saving the environment. Elle is currently taking AP Environmental Science, credited as her favorite class, with SHS science teacher Charlie O’Driscoll.

Born in Austria, Pokorny lived in several locations across the globe before coming to Scituate in 2021: Moving multiple times with her family, Pokorny has lived in Poland, England, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. 

Coming from a myriad of cultures, Pokorny considers herself a “third culture kid”: When a kid grows up with the culture of their parents and the culture where they currently live, they “mesh together” the different backgrounds into one. Unable to choose a favorite location from the many places she’s visited, Pokorny noted that “culture, people, and school systems” make a place interesting. However, she added that Austria, in particular, has the best food. 

In school, Pokorny is one of the co-presidents of the Environmental Club, where she sets up beach clean-ups, community service opportunities, and fundraisers. According to Pokorny, being in this club “does a lot for our community and environment,” and she hopes to make an impact on her town. She also is a participant in the Treble and Jazz choirs at the high school.

Outside of the classroom, Pokorny works part-time at the CVS located in the Harbor. She plays tennis with her father every Sunday at the YMCA and is currently learning how to play piano, taking weekly lessons for the past year.

When asked about one of her best high school accomplishments, Pokorny said winning the Thoughts on America speech contest during her junior year was a highlight. Delivering a riveting speech on abortion rights, Pokorny presented this speech for her AP Lang class with SHS English teacher Catherine Hall. Pokorny said that during her first year at SHS, Hall helped her build confidence: “She pushed me out of my comfort zone,” Pokorny said, adding that Hall brought her out of her shell and made her a better writer through the AP Lang course.

After graduation, Pokorny is planning a trip across Europe with some friends. She also plans to work “a lot” during the summer, saving up for college. Hoping to major in conservation and sustainability, Pokorny said this field of study is offered at the University of New Hampshire and can be used to “create a better environment.” 

Although Pokorny’s family is located all over the globe–from her brother in England to her oldest sister in the Caribbean–the holidays are “an excuse to celebrate family and spend time together.” Pokorny’s family celebrates Christmas on the 24th of December, and their “Santa” is, uniquely, an angel.

If Santa, or an angel, could grant Pokorny a wish, she would ask for “climate change to go away” and to “remain happy.” If she could bring one person on Santa’s sleigh, Pokorny would bring her mom, who is “very supportive” of her endeavors.