Elizabeth Clancy Enjoys Working with Students and Colleagues


Elizabeth Clancy works as an adjustment counselor and director of the drama club

Taylor MacFaden, Contributing Writer

Elizabeth Clancy has been an adjustment counselor at Scituate High School for two years. Clancy graduated from King Philip Regional High School in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Involved in both sports and drama club, she stayed busy during her high school years. “They didn’t offer as many electives as they have now, especially at Scituate, so I did more of the core classes with a couple of things sprinkled in,” Clancy explained. She said her experience was good and prepared her for what she is doing now. 

To earn her undergraduate degree, Clancy attended Keene State College in New Hampshire. For graduate school, she split her time between the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and William James College in Newton, Massachusetts. Clancy currently lives in Duxbury, Massachusetts; however, she resided in San Francisco, CA, for a long time. According to Clancy, San Francisco is “amazing” and she highly recommends it.

This year, Clancy is the advisor and director of the SHS Drama Club. She said her favorite part of her job is working with students and building relationships with each one of them. She especially enjoys helping students through issues of anxiety. Although Clancy wishes she owned a pet at home, for now, Rocko, the beta fish, is the official class pet in her classroom.

Every day at Scituate High School, Clancy looks forward to seeing colleagues who make her feel “very supported.” She also awaits the students, because she “never knows who is going to walk through the door.” Clancy mentioned that although she does love her “regulars,” she also enjoys seeing students whom she hasn’t seen in a while.